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“In couple of months my book will hit the market. All thanks to Writewell   Consults for their services. Their intelligent editing, wonderful suggestions and timeliness are second to none. That notwithstanding, their services are pocket friendly. I still look forward to working with them again in my future works.”

Ahunanya, Kenneth O.

“Writewell, I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to present my ideas on a global platform. Thank you for the effort in editing my paper for the UNESCO, Communication Conference that happened in Lima, Peru. It was never a doubt on your professionalism.
Your ever pleased Client”.

Malachy Chukwunonso Onyema
Lecturer, Wellspring University

“Working with Writewell Consults was a smooth experience. I have known the principal editor and founder for a while, and his passion for knowledge and his core makes it easy for me to trust the team’s editing judgement. If you want an editing platform that is quite aware of local content and has a global feel, then you are in the right hands.”

Charles Umeh
Personal Development Coach, TV Show Host & Founder, Breaking The Coconut Inc.

“I’d like to describe Writewell Consults as an entity with both patient and impatient traits. Writewell is very patient with its editing style, taking the time to notice and correct every error, line after line. It is also impatient such that with Writewell, every error disappears off your manuscript – Writewell is impatient with errors by eliminating them once they’re seen. Thank you for giving my work a facelift and bringing it to a high standard.”

Christian Chizurumoke Ezugwu

“Writewell Consults has the capability of making written works objects of celestial admiration, with their subtle and thorough touch. I therefore could recommend no other editors than them. Hand in your work, and be rest assured of marvelling results”

Ilechukwu Augustine
Author of Journey in the Jungle (2019)., Grandier Co.

“Mr. Chikezie Uzuegbunam and his team at Writewell Consults did an excellent job in editing my work. I will highly recommend them anytime.”

Pastor Bonny Oguejiofor
Author of Life Alignment: Pathway to Sustainable Wealth and Authentic Leadership (2018)

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