Our Pitch

The writer does not exist whose work cannot be improved upon and writing well never goes out of style. These are our key mantras at Writewell.
We offer professional editing and proofreading services, including but not limited to, books, papers, projects, thesis, assignments, CVs, proposals, and indeed any form of informational material. Please note that we do not write thesis, assignments and papers. The only form of writing we undertake for our clients is formal speech writing for professionals and government officials.
With Writewell, you do not need to worry now about errors, ‘printers devil’, and grammatical blunders in your writings, educational and academic outputs as we have you covered to ensure you are not embarrassed by your work when you get them out to the public. We pride ourselves at being that eagle-eyed friend, the go-to person for all things editing and proofreading, making you take pride in your work.
We equally have stand-by graphics designers and recommended quality publishers should you require these auxiliary services for your work.
Writewell Consults is a registered business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria and is physically located at the Department of Mass Communication, Nnamdi Azikiwe University where the principal editor teaches. We are a professional outfit dedicated to editing, proofreading, publishing and offering writing coaching and consultancy services. We have one burning desire: to give you the best quality, professional, affordable and timeous proofreading and editing services, plus writing coaching that could shore up your career in writing or in any other space.
The principal editor is Chikezie E Uzuegbunam, a PhD scholar, lecturer, thought leader, writer, and youth mentor. His wealth of experience for almost a decade in writing, researching and teaching is what he brings to the table to serve clients in making writers’ work a thing of pride. He runs Writewell Consults with a group of eleven board members, and some volunteer associate editors – experienced professionals from various fields. We also have a dedicated Facebook Group for editors and writers (Writewell Editors & Writers) – a supportive and interactive space that ensures that we fulfill our promise of supporting aspiring and early-career writers. Our official Facebook and Instagram pages are very engaging spaces for motivating readers and writers and especially for offering a support for aspiring and early-career writers. For more information on how to follow us on social media, please navigate to our Contact Page or click on the social media icons on this website.