AFRICANITY – We pride in our colours – Adegunloye Oluwakayomide

AFRICANITY – We pride in our colours

I won’t do it in songs
This piece won’t swim out in paintings
Instead It will rest on the sheets
Like a fragile child would a father
I’ll do this because we are a product of our emotions
As we’re inclined by the objectivity of this place
This place with a great deal of beauty
Where we pride in our related colours
The synonymy with our emotions
Which flows with relative ease
Like the Niger river
This is who we are after all
It won’t change any soon
Why should it though?
When even those westerners,
Profess our beauty in dern
And they drool at the sight of our ladies
As their backside bounce sideways
We are gorgeous with our outbursts
Apparent in our thoughts and customs
Just like our colour black
And our white brothers don’t hide theirs too
It’s always at its peak
Like the Egyptian pyramid
Perhaps the whole world is Africa
What if South America took a spy on our map
They loved it’s shape from the onset
What if it’s fair to say,
That our French brothers took the world cup.
Why do I think we are everywhere?
Mayhaps we are the real deal
The deal that shouldn’t be taken for granted
That deal of Africanity!
That deal of Africanness!!
That one deal of who we really are!!!


I am Adegunloye Oluwakayomide, a graduate of English and literary studies and equally a Masters in view student of the department of International relations in University of Ibadan. I’m currently the lead senior contributing officer at Gleetz magazine, The community engagement coordinator at Ambassadors of Africa, AOA being a group of young Africans who are zealous about ensuring a better life for less privileged persons across Africa. I also own a mini blog which I named Edoyaksdiary, which encompass various gists about life, Society, Poems, Relationship and some of my personal activities. I’m also looking to author my first book this year. I’m just a lover of anything arts.